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DPS Powderworks 100 RPC MY23

The 100 RPC is our vision of the long-awaited hard-pack big mountain charger. It holds an edge like a FIS Super G ski, and gives stable confidence for landing every drop you can line up.
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It’s a throwback to the early days of the Freeride World Tour, where the emphasis was simply skiing as fast and hard as you could. We’re not pretending this is a powder ski. Its best conditions are wind buff, chalk, and mixed hard pack.

Powderworks skis represent a space that allows for cutting-edge creativity, progressive shapes, and experimental R+D efforts. Unrestrained by traditional ski construction, these designs are born from a fleeting moment on a memorable chairlift ride—then slowly brought to life in the R+D lab beginning that very evening. A small batch of Powderworks monikered skis are built every year for core members of skiing’s culture, whose lives revolve around their next epic powder turn.

The 100RPC construction is a preview from our R&D lab. When we began our original Pagoda construction, we had a design philosophy of horizontally combining disparate materials that continues with this ski. With a new recipe that further increases the damping and stability of the  ski, the hard-charging 100RPC is equivalent to launching new technology in a race car.

Dimensions: 131/100/114 | Radius:19m @ 179cm

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