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Bike Service


Sidecountry Bike Service

At Sidecountry, we have highly skilled, professional technicians available every day, all year long to keep your bike running smoothly. We work on all brands of bicycles, and all category of bikes - road, mountain, gravel, cruisers, eBikes and kids - regardless of age or condition. We offer comprehensive tune packages, professional level service for contemporary bikes, and a la carte fixes when something small pops up. Estimates are always free, stop in or schedule a time to bring your bike down to see how we can help you keep it running just the way you like.


Sidecountry Signature Services

Tunes for any bike, of any age, from any manufacturer. Great for getting your bike back on the road, annual service or for returning your bike to previously enjoyed functionality, comfort and performance.


Signature Safety Check: $35 ($50 for recumbent or tandem)

  • Bike wash
  • Inspect wheels and tires, inflate tires
  • Lube chain
  • Steering hardware tight
  • Seat post clamp and saddle hardware tight
  • Quick release or through axles tight
  • Test ride

Signature Bicycle Tune: $80 ($95 for recumbent or tandem)

  • Basic cleaning of frame and wheels
  • Lateral true of wheels
  • Inflate tires to appropriate pressure
  • Wipe down chain
  • Torque check all components
  • Basic clean of cassette and chain rings - replacement of cassette and chain is free with basic tune
  • Clean braking surfaces with alcohol, adjust braking systems accordingly
  • Straighten derailleur hanger
  • Rear shifting adjustment
  • Front shifting adjustment
  • Adjust headset, stem alignment, handlebar position, torque
  • Thorough test ride
  • Pass to secondary mechanic for inspection

Signature Premium Bicycle Tune: $160 ($185 for recumbent or tandem)

  • Includes all items in Signature Bicycle Tune
  • Brake and shift cable replacement labor including bulk cables and housing
  • Thoroughly clean each individual component including - front/rear derailleur, brakes handlebars, shifters, brake levers, etc.
  • Thoroughly clean cassette and crank into parts washer, install new chain
  • Complete frame clean and polish
  • Complete wheel clean and true
  • Wrap handlebars (road bike)
  • INCLUDES installation of most parts
  • Thorough test ride
  • Check by second mechanic, full clean of drivetrain – all drivetrain parts removed and cleaned



Sidecountry A La Carte Services

If your bike doesn't need a full tune up to keep it running, just a minor adjustment or repair - we can help. Here is a partial list of our most commonly requested service items. We also work with a variety of off-site specialists for more complicated repairs - carbon frame repair, suspension tuning, custom fabrication - simply ask and we can get you more information.

Please contact us for prices on parts and estimates. Keep in mind that we are not able to give a solid quote until we can see your bike and evaluate the service needed in person.


eBike Services

  • eBike assembly and fitting
  • Mechanical repairs of standard bike parts
  • Software and firmware updates
  • Tire repair for eBikes with hub motors

Front Suspension Services

  • New bike setup
  • New fork installation
  • 50 hour service: new wiper seals and oil change
  • 200 hour service: complete tear down, cleaning, new seals, new wiper seals and oil change
  • Volume spacing adjustments
  • Travel adjustments

Rear Suspension Services

  • New bike setup
  • 50 hour service: new wiper seals and oil change
  • 200 hour service: complete tear down, cleaning, new seals, new wiper seals, oil change and new IGUS bushings
  • Volume spacing adjustments
  • Travel adjustments
  • Overhaul a single pivot or multiple pivots
  • Fox nitrogen recharging

Headset and Bottom Bracket Services

  • Headset service, adjustment or replacement
  • Bottom bracket service, adjustment or replacement
  • Bottom bracket noise evaluation

Shifting Services

  • Front derailleur replacement or adjustment
  • Rear derailleur replacement or adjustment
  • Shifter replacement or adjustment
  • Electronic drivetrain conversion/installation
  • Firmware and software updates for electronic shifting systems
  • 1x conversions for all types of bikes
  • Replace cassette, chain or chainrings
  • Replace shift cables and housing, internal or external routing

Brake Services

  • Replace brake cables and housing
  • Install or bleed hydraulic brakes
  • Replace or adjust rim and disc brake pads
  • True or clean rotors

Accessory Installation

  • Change stem and handlebar configuration
  • Wrap handlebars or install grips
  • Install front or rear bags, racks and fenders
  • Install kickstand
  • Install saddle

Wheels and Hubs

  • Flat tire repair
  • Tubeless ready rim conversion
  • Tubeless tire repair or installation
  • Tubular tire installation
  • Replace spokes
  • Adjust front or rear hub
  • Replace sealed bearings
  • Lubricate or adjust internal hubs

Bicycle Packing, Shipping and Assembly

  • Assemble new bikes
  • Assemble bikes shipped from other shops
  • Box bikes to ship via UPS or Bikeflights
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