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Bike Service


Bike Service

Whether you need your derailleurs adjusted, a broken spoke replaced or a complete overhaul that makes your bicycle run and look even better than new, our mechanics have the experience, knowledge and factory training to do the job right the first time, every time.

Unsure of what your bike may need to get back on the road? Please contact us any time. Or, even better, bring your bike in to the shop to discuss your bicycle issues and find out which tune up or individual service is appropriate. Estimates are always free so you'll get the information you need and can decide how to proceed.

Also, if you need immediate or rushed service to be ready for that big ride or event, please ask, and we'll do our best to fit you in (express service charge may apply).

Signature Bicycle Tune
$80 ($95 for Recumbants/Tandems)

  • Clean of Drivetrain
  • Chain Cleaned and Lubricated
  • Front/Rear Brake Adjustments
  • Front/Rear Derailleur Adjustments
  • Cranks Torqued to Appropriate Specification
  • Basic Lateral True of Wheels
  • Frame/Fork/Wheels Wiped Down
  • Tires Inflated to Desired PSI
  • Bolts checked for Tightness

Premium Bicycle Tune
$160 ($185 for Recumbants/Tandems)

  • Full Clean of Drivetrain – All Drivetrain Parts Removed and Cleaned
  • Full Reubild/Installation - Reinstall all Parts or replaced with new parts (Parts Not Included)
  • Installation of New Derailleur Cables and Housing (Parts Not Included)
  • Installation of New Brake Cables and Housing (Parts Not Included)
  • Front/Rear Brake Adjustments
  • Front/Rear Derailleur Adjustments
  • Cranks Torqued to Appropriate
  • Full True and Tension of Wheels, cleanining of Braking Surfaces
  • Bottom Bracket Removed, Cleaned and Reinstalled (Parts Not Included)
  • Frame/Fork/Wheels Wiped Down and Polished
  • Chain Lubricated
  • Tires Inflated to Desired PSI
  • All Bolts, Connectors and Parts torqued to Manufacturer's Recommendation

A La Carte Services

If your bike doesn't need a full tune up to keep it running, just a minor adjustment or repair - we can help there too. Here is a partial list of our most commonly requested service items.

We also work with a vairiety of off site specialists for more complicated repairs - carbon frame repair, suspension tuning, custom fabrication - simply ask and we can get you more information.

Please contact us for prices on parts and estimates. Keep in mind that we are not able to give a solid quote until we can see your bike and evaluate the service needed in person.

Front Suspension

  • New bike setup
  • Wiper Seals and Oil Change
  • Fork Rebuild

Rear Suspension

  • New bike setup
  • Overhaul a Single Pivot or Multiple Pivots
  • Rear Suspension Wiper Seals and Oil Change

Parts Upgrade

  • Install Crank / Shifters / Derailleurs / BB / Chain / Cassette / Cables and Housing

Rear Suspension Service and Warranty

  • *Subject To Manufactures Fees and Shipping
  • Sidecountry Sports Handling/Removal of suspension for shipping
  • Suspension Service for a new bike purchased at SCS - NO CHARGE

Headset and Bottom Bracket

  • Adjust Headset
  • Adjust Bottom Bracket
  • Repack or Replace Headset or Bottom Bracket
  • Install Fork (cutting steer tube)
  • Install Fork with Headset Install
  • Removal of seized BB

Derailleur /Drivetrain

  • Front Derailleur Replacement/Adjustment
  • Rear Derailleur Replacement/Adjustment
  • Replace Cassette
  • Replace Chain
  • Replace/Install Shift Cables and Housing
  • Replace/Install Cables and Housing (Internal Routing)
  • Replace/Install STI Shift Levers with Cables and Housing
  • Replace/Install Mountain Bike Shifters with Cables and Housing
  • *Includes installation of brake cables and shift cables and housing
  • *Does not include bar wrap

Cable Brakes

  • Replace Brake Cables and Housing and Adjust
  • Replace/Install Brake Pads (All Types)
  • Adjust Rear or Front Brake

Disc Brakes

  • Rotor True/Clean
  • Mechanical Disc Brake (Installation/Set Up)
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake (Brake Bleed/Installation/Set Up)
  • Disc Brake Caliper or Lever Rebuild

Accessory Installation

  • Change Stem or Handlebars
  • Wrap Bars
  • Install Rear Rack
  • Install Front Rack
  • Install Surly Front/Rear Rack
  • Install Kickstand
  • Install Fenders
  • *Free Accessory Install on All New Bikes Purchased at Sidecountry Sports

Computers, GPS and Electronic Shifting

  • Computer Install and Program
  • DI2 Firmware Update
  • Electronic Bike Service
  • *FREE Installation if Computer purchased at Sidecountry Sports

Wheels and Hubs

  • Flat Tire Repair
  • Tubeless Tire Repair or Install
  • Tubular Tire Installation
  • Replace Spoke Front Wheel – True Wheel
  • Replace Spoke Rear Wheel – True Wheel
  • Adjust Front/Rear Hub
  • Repack/Install Bearings Front or Rear Hub
  • All Internal Hub Work

Wheel Building

  • Front Wheel
  • Rear Wheel

Bicycle Box and Shipping

  • Box to Ship Standard Bike
  • Box to Ship Tandem/Recumbent with box
  • Box to Ship Tandems/Recumbent needing a box
  • Assemble Bike Shipped to Sidecountry Sports
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