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Hotronic Heat Socks Set XLP 1P BT Surround Comfort

The Heat Sock Set XLP 1P BT Surround Comfort is the pinnacle in warmth, performance, and longevity.
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Combining a pair of HOTRONIC XLP 1P BT Battery Packs with the Soft Compression and Surround Heating Element of the Surround Comfort sock, and then allowing control via a Bluetooth App, HOTRONIC raises the bar with convenient Constant Heating Power when needed most - in the cold!


  • The best size to capacity ratio on the market today!
  • 2200 mAh capacity offers a category-best 10 hours of constant heating power
  • A new Bluetooth app controls the Battery Pack from any iOS or Android
  • Merino wool helps wick moisture away from feet to promote warmth • Surround Heating Element envelopes the toes
  • The safe, intelligent Global Recharger makes it easy to stay warm wherever one travels
  • Safe, stable, and reliable; just what one would expect from HOTRONIC • Soft compression (10 – 15 mmHg)
  • Material: 74 % nylon, 20 % Lycra/Spandex, 6 % Merino
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