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Marker Vijo+

The Vijo+ is another kids helmet in which MARKER has cut back on nothing from the adult models. The junior helmet that features an extremely handy integrated goggles system.
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Goggles will never be left at home again. The tinted and colored mirrored lenses provide excellent vision in all weather conditions. The RTS Fit System allows for optimal adaptation to the growing child's head and the XDry Performance lining dries quickly. SoGnar ear pads are very comfortable for young children and can be removed as required depending on the weather.


  • The ABS HARDSHELL CONSTRUCTION involves a light EPS core for impact absorption and an ultra-thin but rigid ABS outer shell. It has been specially engineered to fit the EPS core, completely enveloping it in an physically durable shell. This helps ensure the best possible distribution of force in the event of an impact. The rugged ABS surface is also resistant to scratches and dents – so this lightweight helmet will still look great even after many days of hard use.
  • 3D-modeled, pressure-free ear cushions that allow different configurations depending on comfort and style preference, head shape and use of glasses or sunglasses. Each configuration offers significantly better hearing than before. Of course, the SoGnar ear pads can also be removed completely.
  • The revolution for helmet closures – extremely convenient to operate. The FIDLOCK OG SNAP is the first magnetic safety closure with a slider mechanism that can be opened and closed with one hand. This helps ensure an extremely secure hold in the event of a crash, yet can be operated very quickly even while wearing a ski glove and is designed to guard against pinching your skin.
  • Thanks to 360° RTS FIT SYSTEM, the helmet is adapted and centered to the head shape all around, which ensures an optimal fit, pleasant wearing comfort and snug fit without slipping.
  • The AIR JAM CLIMATE CONTROL allows for regulation of the air flow using a waterproof, folding interior lining. When the openings are closed, they provide a warm and dry air cushion that is especially helpful in keeping the head from getting chilled on cold days. On warm days the vents can be unblocked to generate maximum airflow within MarkAIR Channel Ventilation System.
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